Selasa, 3 Januari 2017

Scribble for Me

Although this is my favorite subject, I am struggle to remember the points. I know I need to understand it only, however... points also very important. No points, no marks. No points, no elaboration.

My examination will be this evening, 7PM-10PM. I hope everthings gonna be okay, since there are nine chapters....-_- By the way, the subject is Organizational Behavior. The time now is 0136AM, half way to go. I take a day rest as I need to focus on this paper. Next paper will be on 6th January... IT subject. 

In addition, I am still thinking of my job rotation this coming February, which is very tough... Although I am excited to fill in with the new working environment, I also upset because I will leave my co-workers. To be honest, I did requested for job rotation before but the feedback was negative. 

This is just my opinion - Sometimes if we worked in unpleasent situation, it will demotivate us. We failed to perform properly, leads to burnout and we started to hate our job. Ineffective co-worker, so called introvert (which is not introvert but arrogant and don't want to listen to others), busy doing personal business only, often late and more to say... stupid co-worker will contribute major effect to the other staff. Better to avoid rather than keep them inside. Perhaps its too harsh to said that... just my personal opinion + I am studying this subject.

Okay. Got to go!

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