Khamis, 3 November 2016

Negative and Positive

Not a delightful month to start with... 50% is okay and 50% more is brruuhh!


1. Assignments

Reading long articles is not my favorite (same as reading novel -_-). But read or fail!... I still haven't finish doing my individual presentation and the case studies as well. Oh no....

However, what makes me happy is my group members. They are very supportive and proactive. We manage to finish our group assignment on time. Perfect ending. 

2. The Virus

The hardest part in this life is facing a terrible woman. Let's call her as The Virus. By the way, The Virus thinks she is the smartest person in this whole world and should earn a title of 'Miss Always Right'... until the other people start to feel annoying. Blocking others Facebook, creates a gap, passive, no communication, compulsive liar and being arrogant are not the best things to do if you work in a place called harmony. Lets just be more open minded and try to accept critics. Unfortunately, The Virus rather turn away and full of hates.

Nothing more positive than ignoring such entity. Whatever showed on the Facebook (which we cannot read anyway... sudah kena block kan??), no matter how she hates us and keep using gallons of tears to catch sympathy... The Virus is always The Virus. I believe this kind of people will face their own karma.

3. Bucks

I can't stop spending my money. Typical woman...

I still manage to save bucks anyway. And with the help of Tabung Pecah, it really works.

Okay enough for now. Zzzz....

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