Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2016

Work & Study

I am so excited to visit KL again, so I can buy more those dri-fit shirt... with much cheaper price. I need it as gym is my new routine now. I can get at only RM15 - RM20 per piece. No brand but has a good quality.

Since becoming a student, I have a very poor time at home. Working... after that go to gym, then start the class, gone fishing... lastly go back and sleep (again and again and again). However, being a part-time student is not that easy. You need to balance everything... between work, study and life. You need to sacrifice a lot, as well as know how to manage your time. You will frequently get stress on your assignments, projects, thesis etc etc. T_T I hope I will finish my study, with a good grade, at the right time.

October is busy as usual. Our department has a lot  of planning and activities. We need to catch em up. By the way, exam is around the corner. The good news is... we don't have to answer like we did in Bachelor Degree. Unfortunely the bad news is... you need to truly understand the questions.  

I end it here. Perhaps I should prepare myself because I need t go to the library -______-. Ow man!

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