Jumaat, 4 Disember 2015

Unpaid Private Investigator

I tried to ask my friends regarding how to block unwanted individual from reading our blog, yet still keeps the blog public. Anyhow, thanks for their intention in helping me with such immensely ideas. ♡♡♡

Yes, we can make our blog private and only open for those who are invited. Nevertheless, the message will not be disseminated to all people, notably to us who don't have... errrr.... really much followers. Heh. I prefer to make my blog public... Purposely to share the information... BUT! But... not for 'those unwanted'. Oh please..... not 'those unwanted'.

I aware that there are 'those unwanted' who LOVE to read my blog.... on and on and on.. By the way, thanks for reading it. 

Indeed, this blog is for everyone, but not you (refer to the dearest unwanted person).

Apart from that, I forbid myself from looking at those unwanted inclusive anything. There are lots of stuff that I can do instead of bane with their pessimistic life. Long story short, get over it and get a life. Live life to the fullest because you only get to live it once.


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