Ahad, 15 November 2015


Yes! Finally I can get more benefits from Enrich. Thanks! I love it! For those who always travel by Malaysia Airlines but still have not apply the Enrich card, better get it now! Collect the points and you can redeem free tickets, get an extra luggage weight availability and many more.

(This entry is nothing but my scribe before I go to bed).

14th November : Happy Birthday to my sister in law! This time I give her a Very Sexy Shade Makeup and a body mist from Victoria's Secret. I think the makeup suits her because the colors are lovely, compact and I know she loves makeup. ♡_♡

By the way, the trip to Kuala Lumpur this time is awesome. Nice weather (less haze), beautiful view from my bed, the hotel upgraded me to Premier room, I had my dinner at Japanese Restaurant at KLGCC with Tun, I met with the Royal's family... last but not least, the meetings are successfully done. ^^

2015 is almost reach its end. Have you already fulfill your resolutions? :-)

View from my room ♡♡

Meeting with Dato' Seri Abu Hassan and the other officers from Yayasan Kebajikan Negara. (One more meeting at the afternoon - no picture-)

Before I went to KL, we had meeting with Agensi Nuklear Malaysia.

Japanese Green Tea ice cream with beans. Yum!

View from KLGCC (Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club). Many national and international tournaments held here.

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