Isnin, 14 April 2014

Depression is Just Awesome!

Finally.... I'm in Penang. Cuaca baik ^^ Dan saya rasa saya peserta paling muda kot. Yang lain saya tengok cam dah tahap senior. O_o Glup!

Ya Allah.... what a tough month. And next month also will be tougher than this... I know.... So I hope everything will be fine. I fly non-stop..... working non-stop... problems non-stop.... preparation non-stop.... calling non-stop, SMS non-stop... makan pun non-stop. Hahaha. What an awesome life. I just can't believe it. I never tought I can be like this. Syukur Alhamdulillah.... But next month I think I need to let go trip to Cambodia and Brunei. Tak dapat join kot..... sebab dah start very very busy!! Aarrggghhh..... bila fikir balik.... wuuuuu.... dalam bayangan nampak ada banyak buku tebal jatuh satu-persatu atas kepala. T.T (tasks datang bertimpa-timpa).

Talking about beauty. I believe in natural beauty. For me natural beauty means only using light makeup or no makeup at all (no foundation... no thick eyeliner. Miah? Hehe) Doesn't swallow too much tablets. Most important.... no surgery! ^^ Ada yang agree kah dengan saya? Its my opinion only. To promote the beauty from inside, drink Innershine. The glow is different. Must try. Bagus untuk mata dan kulit muka. A bit expensive but can get a discount if you buy more. RM84 for double dozens at Guardian. Ada juga pati prune jenama lain seperti Nur Kasih dan Watsons.

I have so much to say but maybe in the next entry. Ada beli buku dan the book punya tajuk memang terbaik. I can say it is a beautiful ugly punya title. Good one la.


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